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Cost Recovery

Cost Relief will provide a reduction in a companys WCB claim costs as the result of reassignment of those costs to other industry members. There are a variety of reasons that your company may be eligible for cost relief that you could be unaware of.

Our knowledgeable staff can help assess your claims to see if you are able to recover any costs from WCB. We will review the past 4 years based on the claims that appear on your Employer Premium Rate Statement. We will review to ensure that all cost relief/recovery monies have been released off of the claims costs associated with your company, and seek out opportunities to recovery any monies that were unnecessarily assessed to your account.

No matter if your company is in a discount or surcharge position with WCB, we will ensure that your company does not have any claims costs that should not be there. Every cent that we can recover from WCB will lessen your premiums with WCB. In todays world every penny counts. Our team will take action to facilitate all of the necessary steps to recover any monies, including appeals with WCB.

This process will not affect your employees in any way. We only get compensated when you recuperate monies yet to be owed to you.

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