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With over 25 years of combined experience we have worked in a variety of Health & Safety Industries. From large corporations, to smaller companies, we have earned valuable knowledge and experience that will assist us in providing our clients with a superior level of commitment and service.

We work closely with our clients to develop Workplace Injury Management case plans that set appropriate recovery goals; this will benefit both the injured employee and employer alike. We will provide superior quality of service to our clients that are requiring assistance in managing workplace injury WCB claims. By providing needed benefits and services, and assisting companies in developing disability management and modified work programs, we help the injured worker achieve a safe and effective Return2Work.

We are here to provide services to companies that may not have the time or the knowledge to successfully return an injured worker back to their pre-injury state. Our services can be utilized in all types of industries, saving your company money and returning a worker safely back to a productive state.

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